Tuesday, December 21, 2010

City of Angels

City of Angels is one of my favorite movies which are set and filmed in Los Angeles, California. The movie shows the hospital Maggie (Meg Ryan) works and the streets of Los Angeles. I like the scene where all the angels gather at the beach to discuss some things or to simply meditate. As Seth (Nicolas Cage) the angel  flies in the air and stand on top of a tall building or on a billboard, you can see the beautiful city of Los Angeles in the background. The story is a mixture of romance, fantasy and a little tragedy. I must say, I cried when Maggie was killed in a traffic accident and Seth was left all alone to live for the rest of his life as a human. All in all, this movie gives you a good feeling and shows you the meaning of love, and I specially love the fact that this movie is set and filmed in L.A.